Other Projects

Towncraft Corporation is started with Information Technology and Agro business in Bangalore. Company has various business plans and ideas to start under respective domains such as retail, automobile, education, online services, publishing and food industry.

  • Towncraft Technologies  is identifying potential requirements in IT and IoT and started engaging to provide service across the globe.
  • Towncraft Agrico holds the nations idea of Make in India and our first initiative in that regards will be a vertical farming project in outer Bangalore.
  • Towncraft Agrico’s second project will be saline fish cultivation along with fresh water fish cultivation.
  • Towncraft Agrico‘s third project is a tissue culture lab in Bangalore.
  • Towncraft Agrico‘s fourth project is an organic fertilizer manufacturing unit in Bangalore
  • Towncraft Agrico‘s fifth project is landscaping in large scale all over India
  • Towncraft Agrico‘s sixth project is educating the youth and potential agricultural entrepreneurs across India.

Our initial office has been started functioning in Bangalore from March 2016. Currently Towncraft Agrico is supplying exotic fruit plants, flower plants and bonsai plants across India which are made in-house via grafting, layering, cutting, seeding etc.