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Towncraft Mobility & Prevalent Computing

Mobility and anywhere computing are critical requirements in today’s connected workplace, empowering better strategy execution through anytime pervasive access to information and solutions. Latest years have witnessed tremendous innovation and acquisition in this segment, enabling businesses to harmoniously connect with their clients and customers through mobile devices.

Get highly talented engineering specialists across all significant mobile platforms and related back end technologies, from idea formation to analytics, with Towncrafts’ Digital Enterprise Mobility Services.

To enhance customer satisfaction and revenue by changing core business processes, improving engagement inventiveness, optimizing costs and boosting workforce productivity, organizations need a powerful mobility strategy.

The Towncraft Advantage

  • Unique Mobility Architecture Approaches
  • Tomorrow’s mobility consulting ability
  • Unique interface design capacity
  • Dedicated facilities
  • Agile to integrate across with linear, parallel and standard  systems and platforms.6

Global Network Model Delivery: All major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry ,Windows Phone, Windows 8,  HTML5, Hybrid and related server technologies are covered. We can demonstrate our capability to deliver operational efficiency and use of mobility to help you establish a zealous benefit.

Our Solutions and Segments

  • Strategy and Solution Consulting
  • User experience Design (uXd)
  • Development and Maintenance of Apps
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Performance Engineering Consulting and Solutions
  • Security Engineering and Solutions
  • Micro to Macro Analytics
  • Deployment and Maintenance and Support Management
  • Digital Environment Management
  • Akamai CDN Consulting

Solution Benefits

Towncraft helps you to achieve an enterprise wide mobility blueprint through:

  • Extensive mobility solutions: Discover an extensive, customized mobility blueprint aligned to your business goals with our range of services spanning solution consulting, technical development, maintenance, quality assurance testing and performance engineering and integration with the mobile external services like advertisement network or payment gateways and cloud platforms such as pay as you go.
  • Economical and customized applications: Advance mobile application development at a considerable cost with our full-grown mobile architecture and quick engineering talent which can scale up quick. Close coordination, quick issue resolution, enhanced visibility and rapid deployment of your applications with our agile development approach with iterations.
  • Enhanced application security: Protect information and prevent security threats, with customized security assessment and blueprints and our products and solutions that are tested, validated and certified by a dedicated team of qualified and experienced IT security experts.

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